About Matla a Basotho


We “interrogate the status quo”

We care about public schools

Matla a Basotho means, Power to the Sothos. We intent to “interrogate the status quo” by ensuring that our public schools comply with all applicable laws. The way Audit currently done at our schools is incorrect. The person/company that prepares the Annual Financial Statements, is the same person that issues Audit Opinion, and that is wrong. Schools Act provides that the SGB and School Principal (as an Accounting Officer) must prepare Annual Financial Statements and then take them to the Auditor who will express and opinion. At the moment that is not the case. So, our slogan will say “interrogate the status quo” and also shown in Sesotho as “Re phenya tloaelo”.

Why we are better

We have 20 years’ experience working with public schools by helping them prepare the annual financial statements and help them comply with all applicable acts and laws (especially SASA – South African Schools Act).

In 2024, we have decided to focus our business and provision of our expertise to only public schools, therefore we promise an individualized and focused attention to each school by physically visiting a continuously communicating through technology. We will hold frequent training sessions on different topics at different times.

Our founder and CEO – Mr. Masoeu

It was during the period that our CEO was a Trainee Accountant at one of the Big Four from 1995 that he realized that finished Audited statements were just handed over to our principals without explanation of findings and provision of either Management report or proposed remedial actions, that he realised that something needs to be done. With that in mind, our CEO vowed to enter the space in future and help “interrogate the status quo.”

After a lengthy involvement in the Accounting and Auditing environments (including, working at the Office of Auditor General of South Africa), the idea of establishing Matla A Basotho Accountants was realised in January 2004, with our first offices in Bethlehem. It was in 2024 that the company decided to focus all their energy and resources to help turn the tables at our Public Schools.

Phillip Ngozo –
Customer Success Manager

Mohanua Mofokeng –
Customer Operations Manager


Mehopung Primary – Mrs. Mopeli

We have done the Accounting work for this school and we are busy uploading their information into the new Sage Business Cloud Software. The Principal is happy that we deliver quality work on time, i.e before the 30 June deadline.

Rehopotswe Primary School – Mr. Sedibe

Since the school started working with us, their financial systems and recording has improved. We have, for the first time, helped the school by physically counting their assets and compiling a proper asset register. We update this register every financial year.

LK Ntlabathe – Mr. Ramakatsa

In addition to accounting work, compiling and updating of asset register we have helped them with their payroll by providing professional payslips to their SGB employees, Voluntary Food Handlers and Assistants. Our payroll service includes, helping register employees with Department of Labour, provide monthly mayslips, provide monthly payroll run reports, submit monthly return to Department of Labour, help during the claiming process – the principal is happy with our service.

Kganyeng Primary – Mr. Tshele Mofokeng

We have done the Accounting work for this school and we are busy uploading their information into the new Sage Business Cloud Software. The Principal is happy that we deliver quality work on time, i.e before the 30 June deadline.

Tiisetsang Secondary– Mr. Rampone

We have helped the school in preparing their outstanding financial statement that were immediately due. We are busy helping the school with the compilation of an asset register, uploading and providing the school with Sage Business Cloud Software, and provision of payroll services.


Why does Matla a Basotho decide to focus on Public Schools?

Because our 20 years’ experience has shown that schools are not given proper guidance and support on how to handle finances and ensure compliance with all applicable laws.

How long will our school have to work with Matla a Basotho Accountants to help improve our systems and controls?

We initially propose entering into a 3-year SLA to ensure that we impart knowledge and skill to your Financial Clerks until they are able to compile Annual Financial Statements on their own.

Will the school be able to produce the required Annual Financial Statements as required by the South African Schools Act?

Yes, the system is designed to produce different management reports, during the year and at the end of the year, including Annual Financial Statements.

Will the school be able to produce a report that compares the annual budget and the Actuals?

Yes, the proposed system will be able to generate a customised comparative report.

What about our quarterly income and expenditure report?

That is definitely catered for in the system and can be customised to generate data as per required periods and line items.

Schools receive cash for various purposes, and issue manual receipts to learners. At times a school uses multiple receipt books which at times some get lost. How do we solve this?

The Sage Business Cloud Software has an electronic receipting module. After loading the names of learners in the system, the school is able to issue electronic receipt to the learner and also generate a deposit slip when the time to deposit has arrived.

We have a financial system, and we are able to prepare our own Annual Financial Statements. Can we use the services of Matla a Basotho on other services?

Definitely, we can provide your school with Payroll services, Training for your Clerks and selected SGB members, Preparation of a Proper Asset register.

What do you mean, proper asset register?

It is through our extensive experience working with schools that we realised that most schools do not keep a proper asset register (school keep an inventory list for each office and call it an asset register). An asset register must include features like, cost, depreciation, accumulated depreciation and book value. The value of assets in the register must correspond with the value of assets as per the Balance Sheet in the Annual Financial Statements.

Does an Accountant from your office has to visit our premises every month to help generate reports?

No, our proposed system has a feature called “Accountant Area” where our Accountants can access the whole system remotely, make some notes and help with necessary corrections.

What about our monthly Bank reconciliations?

Our system has a fantastic feature that, when activated, pulls the previous day’s bank transactions into the same on login the following day.

What is the final benefit of using your services?

Your financial records will be compliant for Audit; you will save up to 50% of Audit fee and you will finally save 100% of accounting fee at the end of your contract with us. Plus, your SGB members, Principal and Financial Clerks will have gained a valuable knowledge.

What if we already have an Auditor and wants to keep our Auditor?

Yes, definitely, you can keep your auditor and our role will be to help you with your accounting part by, updating your financial records on a monthly basis, providing you with latest Accounting Software, training of your Financial Clerks, Audit ready process at the end of the financial year, reduce your audit fee and finally improve the quality of your audit report.

We have a sister company called Masoeu Investments, which was an approved Sage Training Centre, through which we provided training to school clerks from different schools between 2014 and 2015. Mayor of the local Municipality was invited to hand over the certificates. Clerks from different schools wrote an online assessment and all on passing, they all received their certificates from SAGE. We have attached photos of the reports/adverts we placed on local newspapers.

The company, as an Approved Training Centre, further provided classes to Grades 11 and 12’s from our local schools for free during Winter holidays. On completion the Learners wrote an online assessment and received their certificates from Sage. We achieved more 100% pass rate. We have later on registered an NPC (Non-Profit Company) called Bohlale Accounting Academy, with the intention to source funding and continue providing classes to our learners to help them develop interest in accounting and pass well. Sage provides a programme called Schools Program, where learners are helped with Accounting from Grade 11 to 12. We intend continuing with that initiative.